Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last year, Michal and I wanted to add some color to the yard, so we bought some "Love Lilies" which are really pink Oriental Lilies. They were our first labor of love and a few lilies turned into two Japanese Maple trees and then on to three gardens. So, Michal and I decided that we were each going to have a garden. Being a lover of the beautiful SHADE LOVING impatiens, Michal subconsciously chose the shaded garden (which just happened to be more developed and already tilled, etc) while I got the piece of shit on the other side of where we keep the trashcans (mind you, this area was not tilled and had, and still has, a huge weed like plant).

So, we go to Home Depot to pick out our flowers and each get a basket and go our separate ways. In search of some color for my "garden", I look to the diverse collection of impatiens that are sitting beautifully on the shelves, calling out my name. As I go over there, I see Michal picking up some lovely New Guinea Impatiens. Well, great minds think alike! Until he tells me that my "garden" gets full sun and I can not do impatiens. How convenient!!

Nevertheless, I went with some full sun Celosia and some Marigolds. They did not have much to choose from, so, with my blank slate of hard dirt and weeded background, here is what we have!!

Did I mention in here that Michal thinks that I should blog about the fact that I cannot "listen to a loving husband while blogging?"

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