Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's About Time

Hello all,
I have finally decided to join the blogging network and become a person of the 21st century. The name of my blog couldn't depict my life more: do I blame the dog or the husband? In most situations, it is a little of both: I get that ornery smile from Michal, batting those big blue eyes at me AND the turning of Giseles head, along with her droopy eyes that say "Im sorry Mommy" all over them. So, I wind up blaming myself... Nevertheless, the past year has been quite an experience, raising a dog and a husband:)

So, in an attempt to stay in communication with friends and family, and to pull myself a little bit away from my facebooking addiction, I decided to blog. I'm new, forgive my mistakes or errors and feel free to speak your mind!

Cheers to you all!!
All our Love,
Court, Mike and Gizzie


  1. That is a good first blog. Michal has beautiful blue eyes doesn't he? Ginger crushes me when she lays on me, I can imagine how heavy Gizzie is. They all want to be lap dogs. She is a beautiful, regal girl!